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CZI FT10 Spitfire Flame thrower
CZI FT10 Spitfire Flame thrower

CZI FT10 Spitfire Flame thrower

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The FT10 Flame Thrower is a power grid cleaning solution that is compatible with the DJI Matrice 300 RTK. This innovation marks a significant milestone, revolutionizing power grid maintenance while prioritizing eco-friendliness. The FT10 operates on mixed alcohol fuel, making it a remarkable asset for farmland and the environment at large.

Key Features:

High-Power Green Laser-Aided Aiming System - "Point Where to Hit": The FT10 introduces a game-changing aiming system. During operations, it eliminates the need for camera adjustments and automates aircraft attitude alignment with the fire effect required to eliminate target objects. This innovative system locks onto the target and deploys fire with precision.

Adjustable Direction Sprinkler: The FT10 further simplifies operations with an adjustable direction sprinkler. The system initially positions itself through onboard cameras, and in combination with a visible green laser, eliminates the need for intricate aircraft attitude adjustments. This dynamic feature allows for accurate obstacle removal without complications.

Gasification Ignition Head, Wind-Resistant: Designed to combat strong winds, the FT10 employs a gasification ignition head that vaporizes alcohol fuel and mixes it with air. Ignition occurs through a high-voltage arc, significantly increasing ignition success rates even in challenging windy environments, ensuring efficiency and safety.

Nozzle Valve: The FT10 achieves a zero-delay fuel switch, effectively solving the common issue of fuel dripping. This feature contributes to the smooth, efficient operation, making every mission more effective and safe.

Quickly Separate Fuel Tanks: With the ability to swiftly separate fuel tanks, the system streamlines workflows, increasing overall efficiency and reducing downtime between tasks.

Powered by One-Time Compressed Carbon Dioxide: The replacement of the high-voltage electric pump with one-time compressed carbon dioxide significantly enhances aircraft endurance, ensuring leisurely operation. Simultaneously, it guarantees the creation of an entirely anaerobic safe environment within the system.

Adjustable Pressure System: The FT10 offers flexibility in adjusting fire distance, making it versatile and adaptable for various complex application scenarios.

Lightweight and Sensor-Friendly: With a total weight of less than or equal to 3.1 kilograms, the FT10 is designed to not obstruct aircraft sensors. This ensures both stability and safety during flight, making it a seamless addition to any aerial platform.

Independent Control Box System: Easy to maintain and upgrade, the system's independent control box simplifies maintenance procedures, ensuring long-term reliability and adaptability.



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