CZI GL60 Plus Gimbal Spotlight

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    The GL60 Plus is an exceptional spotlight for the DJI Matrice 300 drone, designed to elevate nighttime aerial operations. Leveraging the power of DJI Payload SDK and compatible with the DJI M300 drone, this cutting-edge spotlight is powered by DJI Skyport V2.0 and boasts an incredible brightness of up to 13,400 lumens, illuminating a maximum area of 1,225 square meters with a peak power of 120W.

    Key Features:

    1. Seamless Compatibility: Developed using DJI SDK Payload technology, the GL60 Plus effortlessly integrates with the DJI M300 drone. Installation is a breeze with a plug-and-play setup, mounted to the gimbal port, much like installing the H20 camera.

    2. Synchronized Rotation: The spotlight is engineered to follow the gimbal camera's rotation, ensuring your lighting aligns precisely with your camera's field of view, just like the H20 and H20T cameras.

    3. Powerful Illumination: With an impressive 120W of power, the GL60 Plus delivers a staggering 13,400 lumens of super-bright light. This exceptional illumination capability vastly enhances night-time operations, making it perfect for night patrols, surveillance, power line inspections, search and rescue missions, and more.

    4. Optical Excellence: The GL60 Plus features a non-reflective bowl design, reducing effective brightness loss. Additionally, it offers a powerful light flash mode, enabling silent operation while directing attention and indicating direction.

    5. Advanced Imaging Technology: The spotlight incorporates imaging-grade optical technology, utilizing four sets of optical lens groups, including a group of four lenses. This results in a 15-degree luminous angle, optimizing lighting precision and reach.

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