CZI TK300 Tethering Power System

$16,198.65 CAD
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The TK300 Tethered System represents a groundbreaking advancement in drone technology, being the world's first portable tethered power station specifically designed for the DJI M300/350 Drone. Weighing only 13Kg and boasting a backpackable design, the TK300 offers unparalleled ease of use and quick deployment, allowing single-person operation. With an IP54 protection class, this system is built to withstand challenging environments, ensuring continuous operation with intelligent function monitoring and display.

The system efficiently converts AC power into DC high voltage, transmitting it through a high-performance nickel alloy power supply cable directly to the drone. This enables the DJI M300 to achieve up to 24 hours of continuous flight time when combined with backup batteries, significantly extending operational capabilities without compromising safety.

Key Features:

  • Portable and Backpackable: Weighs only 13Kg, designed for easy transportation and quick field deployment.
  • Extended Continuous Operation: Enables up to 24 hours of flight time for the DJI M300, ideal for extensive surveying and monitoring tasks.
  • Highly Integrated System: Includes an onboard power supply for the drone and a manual-automatic integrated ground power station with a 100-meter cable and automatic winch devices.
  • Intelligent Monitoring: Features voltage and current overload protection with real-time system status updates for safe and efficient operation.


  • Onboard Power Supply (Drone End): Compact size with overcurrent, over-voltage, short circuit, and over-temperature protection.
  • Ground Power Station: Features a 3KW power capacity, 110m cable length, and operates within a wide range of input voltages and temperatures.

Applications: Ideal for a wide range of applications including urban planning, infrastructure inspection, environmental monitoring, and emergency response operations, the TK300 Tethered System enhances the DJI M300's capabilities, allowing for prolonged missions in diverse environments.

Elevate your DJI M300's operational efficiency and safety with the TK300 Tethered System, the ultimate solution for extended drone flights.

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