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DJI Agras T50 Spray More Package

$40,997.00 CAD
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    Experience a new era of efficiency and precision with the DJI AGRAS T50. Engineered to excel in agricultural applications, this cutting-edge drone redefines performance with its powerful features and versatile capabilities.

    Next-Level Stability and Payload Capacity

    The DJI AGRAS T50 is built to handle heavy payloads with ease. Featuring a robust coaxial twin-rotor propulsion system and a split-type torque-resistant structure, it ensures stability even when carrying up to 40 kg for spraying or 50 kg for spreading payloads.

    Versatile and Reliable Performance

    Equipped with a Dual Atomizing Spraying System, Front and Rear Phased Array Radars, and a Binocular Vision System, the DJI AGRAS T50 delivers consistent and reliable performance across various scenarios. From surveying to spraying and spreading, it guarantees stable operations and exceptional results.

    Key Features at a Glance:

    • Heavy Payload: Carry up to 40 kg for spraying and 50 kg for spreading.
    • High Flow Rate: Achieve spraying at 16 L/min and spreading at 108 kg/min.
    • Signal Stability: Enjoy offline operations and a 2 km O3 Transmission range.
    • All Scenario Adaptability: Fully automatic and manual operation, Orchard Mode, and Variable Rate Application.
    • Multidirectional Obstacle Sensing: Navigate with confidence thanks to obstacle avoidance and Terrain Following capabilities.

    Enhanced Spraying and Spreading Systems

    The DJI AGRAS T50's Dual Atomizing Spraying System ensures an ultra-large flow rate of up to 16 L/min, producing uniform and fine spray droplets without leaks. Additionally, its Spreading System features a new spreader and spiral channel spinning disk, improving efficiency and uniformity.

    Reliable and Easy Maintenance

    Tested for reliability, durability, and safety, the DJI AGRAS T50 is built to withstand the rigors of frequent and intense operations. Its fast disassembly and cleaning make maintenance a breeze, ensuring minimal downtime.

    Advanced Sensing and Navigation

    Equipped with front and rear Active Phased Array Radars and Binocular Vision sensors, the DJI AGRAS T50 offers enhanced obstacle detection and bypassing capabilities. Navigate with confidence, even in complex environments and over steep slopes.

    Seamless Integration and Control

    Experience seamless integration with the DJI RC Plus and RTK service, enabling high-definition mapping and automatic flight routes. With the DJI AGRAS T50, you can perform aerial surveying, spraying, and spreading operations with ease—all at the push of a button.

    Fuel-Efficient Fast Charging

    Ensure continuous operation with the D12000iE Multifunctional Inverter Generator and DB1560 Intelligent Flight Batteries, offering fast charging and long-lasting performance.

    Unlock the Potential of Smart Agriculture

    Pair the DJI AGRAS T50 with the new Mavic 3M to leverage multispectral data for optimized agricultural practices. Survey your farm, generate prescription maps, and maximize yields with ease.

    Whats included: 

    • DJI T50
    • RC Plus
    • 3 x T50 Batteries
    • Charger
    • 50A/240v Rapid Kit
    • D-RTK 2 base station
    • DJI Tripod

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