DJI Power 1000

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    Elevate your charging capabilities with the DJI Power 1000 Portable Power Station, your go-to power solution whether you are at home or on the move. This state-of-the-art power bank delivers exceptional performance with a robust 2200W max output, allowing you to meet the energy demands of over 99% of household appliances. It’s designed for anyone from the professional on a photoshoot to the adventurer camping under the stars.

    Product Highlights:

    • Extensive Capacity and Output: With a 1024Wh battery capacity and a maximum AC output of 2200W, the DJI Power 1000 can power everything from your laptop and smartphone to high-demand appliances and tools.

    • Ultra-Fast Recharge: Achieve a full charge in just 70 minutes with 1200W fast recharge mode, or get to 80% in a mere 50 minutes, making it one of the fastest recharging power stations available.

    • Solar and Car Charging Compatible: Flexible recharging options include solar power through MPPT technology for efficient off-grid charging and car charging for on-the-go convenience.

    • Dual PD 3.1 USB-C Ports: Features two USB-C ports with up to 140W output each, perfect for fast charging laptops, tablets, and other devices.

    • Comprehensive Safety Features: Equipped with an LFP cell that ensures up to 10 years of service life, alongside multiple safety certifications from SGS Switzerland, this power station guarantees reliability and durability.

    • Quiet Operation: At just 23 dB, its ultra-quiet operation makes it suitable even in noise-sensitive environments.

    Technical Specifications:

    • Battery Capacity: 1024 Wh
    • Max AC Output: 2200 W
    • AC Output Ports: 2 Ports
    • USB-C Output Ports: 2 PD 3.1 ports (140W each)
    • Solar Input Compatibility: Up to 800W, MPPT technology
    • Recharge Times:
      • Full Recharge: 70 minutes (1200W)
      • 80% Charge: 50 minutes
    • Safety Features:
      • SGS Certification: 26 product test certifications
      • LFP Battery Cell: Approx. 4000 charge cycles
    • Noise Level: 23 dB (Ultra-Quiet Operation)
    • Warranty: Up to 5 years

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