DJI Power SDC to DJI Inspire 3 Fast Charge Cable

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    Maximize your productivity with the DJI Power SDC to DJI Inspire 3 Fast Charge Cable, designed to efficiently connect your DJI Power-series power station to your DJI Inspire 3 batteries. This high-performance cable facilitates rapid charging, drastically reducing downtime and getting you back in the air quickly.

    Key Features

    • High-Speed Charging: Offers a powerful 200W output, enabling fast charging capabilities. Charge your DJI Inspire 3 TB51 Intelligent Battery from 0% to 100% in just 44 minutes, and from 10% to 95% in about 28 minutes.

    • Optimized for Safety: Includes built-in features to ensure charging begins only when the battery temperature is below 40° C (104° F), protecting battery integrity and extending its lifespan.

    • Direct Compatibility: Designed to connect seamlessly with DJI Power 1000 and DJI Power 500 power stations, providing a versatile solution for charging your DJI Inspire 3 batteries.

    Charging Tips

    • Temperature Management: After flight, battery temperatures can be significantly high. It is advised to allow the battery to cool to below 40° C (104° F) to avoid charging interruptions and potential damage.

    • Efficient Charging Practice: For optimal performance and battery health, charge your Inspire 3 batteries using only the recommended setup and within the advised temperature range.

    Product Specifications

    • Length: 40 cm (15.75 inches)
    • Power Output: 200W
    • Charge Time:
      • 0% to 100%: Approximately 44 minutes
      • 10% to 95%: Approximately 28 minutes

    In The Box

    • 1x DJI Power SDC to DJI Inspire 3 Fast Charge Cable: Custom-made to ensure the best connection and fastest charging time for DJI Inspire 3 batteries.


    • Power Stations:
      • DJI Power 1000
      • DJI Power 500
    • Drones:
      • DJI Inspire 3

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