RedEdge-P Dual (Red and Blue) Multispectral Kit with Dual Mount and M300 Mount

$22,550.00 CAD
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    Elevate your environmental and agricultural analysis with the RedEdge-P Dual, a high-resolution multispectral and RGB composite drone sensor. This advanced tool is perfect for detailed plant classification, precise weed identification, comprehensive environmental research, and in-depth vegetation analysis of water bodies.

    Key Features:

    • Ten Spectral Bands: With double the analysis potential, the RedEdge-P Dual covers Landsat 8 and Sentinel-2 satellite bands, offering enhanced spatial resolution for more accurate data comparison.
    • Panchromatic Band for Sharper Imagery: Achieve a ground sample distance (GSD) of 2 cm per pixel at 60 m altitude, allowing for early detection of issues and informed decision-making.
    • Coastal Blue Band: Specially designed for aquatic environments, this unique band aids in water vegetation analysis and weed identification in shallow waters.
    • Narrow Spectral Bands: Capture subtle variations in plant health with precision, thanks to the narrow-band sensor technology.
    • Dual Calibration Tools: The DLS light sensor and CRP reflectance panel ensure accurate data in varying light conditions, perfect for time series analysis.
    • Global Shutter Technology: Ensures distortion-free image capture across all 10 lenses, even in challenging conditions.
    • High-Speed Imaging: Capable of capturing up to 3 images per second with a 128 GB CFexpress card for efficient data collection.
    • Synchronized Capture: Automatic triggering and geotagging across all bands streamline post-processing efforts.

    Why Choose RedEdge-P Dual?

    • Seamless Drone and Satellite Data Correlation: Match drone data with satellite imagery for comprehensive analysis.
    • AI-Ready Imaging: High-resolution RGB and multispectral imagery support advanced machine learning applications.
    • Broad Software Compatibility: Integrates effortlessly with a variety of flight planning and post-processing software, including Measure Ground Control.
    • Unseen Insights: Capture a range of high-resolution outputs and indexes, revealing details invisible to the naked eye.
    • American Craftsmanship: Proudly made in the USA, NDAA compliant, and trusted globally since 2014.


    • Versatile Environmental and Agricultural Analysis: From water body vegetation studies to habitat monitoring and species identification, the RedEdge-P Dual is equipped for diverse applications.
    • Water Body Surveys: Ideal for examining chlorophyll efficiency, identifying algae, and studying both submerged and emergent plants.

    Whatโ€™s Included in the RedEdge-P Dual Kits:

    • Multispectral Kit:* Includes RedEdge-P, RedEdge-P blue, DLS light sensor, CRP, USB Wi-Fi dongle, lens cover, cables, mounting hardware, CFexpress card and reader, hard case, and start guide.
    • Multispectral Upgrade Kit:* Designed for existing RedEdge-P owners, including RedEdge-P blue and essential accessories.

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