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Free training on DJI enterprise drones

Free training on DJI enterprise drones

Exclusively offered through Candrone, upon purchasing a DJI Enterprise series drone through us, you'll unlock the Candrone training portal valued at $1500.
by Van Dinh on August 22, 2023

Using Drone LiDAR data for land development

In the world of land development planning and design, accurate and detailed information about the terrain and vegetation of a site is crucial. It allows architects, urban planners, and environmentalists to make informed decisions, optimize land use, and minimize potential...
by Van Dinh on August 10, 2023

Unraveling the Impacts of Water Level Changes with LIDAR drone data

Water bodies have long been essential to the survival and cultural heritage of many indigenous communities. However, the delicate balance between nature and human intervention can be disrupted by external factors, leading to adverse effects on the environment and the...
by Van Dinh on July 28, 2023



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