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Autel EVO II Dual 640T Enterprise Bundle V3 - Thermal

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    πŸ”₯ 640 x 512 30Hz Thermal Imaging Mastery: Step into a realm of unparalleled detail with a 640 x 512 high-resolution thermal imaging camera. The 13mm focal length lens and 16x digital zoom bring distant targets into crystal-clear focus, enabling precise observation.

    ✨ Revolutionary Image Processing: Unveil new realms of clarity with our advanced image processing algorithm. Witness thermal details in unprecedented crispness and clarity, transforming observations into vivid experiences.

    πŸŒ™ 0.8" RYYB CMOS Sensor Brilliance: Embrace low-light excellence with the cutting-edge 0.8-inch RYYB CMOS sensor. Our Moonlight Algorithm 2.0 banishes image noise in challenging lighting conditions, ensuring swift target detection, identification, and classification.

    πŸ“Έ 50 Megapixel Marvel: With the synergy of the 50 megapixel camera, anticipate photography of the highest caliber across all times of the day. Every moment becomes a masterpiece, regardless of the lighting.

    πŸš€ Elevated Imaging Excellence: Experience an advanced high-quality imaging system that sets new standards. Immerse yourself in precision, capturing every detail that matters.

    🌐 Extended Image Transmission: Empower your reach with an upgraded image transmission range of 9.3 miles. No distance is too great to explore, observe, and conquer.

    🧩 Modularity Redefined: Unleash your potential with additional modular accessories, transforming your capabilities for a multitude of scenarios. From inspections to search and rescue, your drone adapts to your mission.

    πŸ“Ά SkyLink 2.0 Transmission: Seamlessly connect with SkyLink 2.0 transmission technology, ensuring your communication is as unyielding as your ambitions.

    πŸ›‘οΈ 360Β° Obstacle Avoidance: Navigate without limits with the safeguard of 360Β° obstacle avoidance. Your flight path is now fearless and unbounded.

    πŸŒ™ Moonlight Algorithm 2.0: Embrace the darkness with the upgraded Moonlight Algorithm 2.0, revealing unseen dimensions in challenging lighting conditions.

    πŸ”§ Modular Mastery: Customize your drone with ease using the Modular Accessories, ensuring it's always tailor-made for your mission.

    πŸ“ Centimeter-Level Precision with RTK: Achieve unmatched accuracy with centimeter-level positioning through RTK technology. Your position is no longer approximate – it's exact.

    πŸ“‘ ADS-B Signal Receiver: Navigate confidently with the ADS-B Signal Receiver, ensuring you're aware of your surroundings and flying safely.

    What's included:

    Aircraft (including battery, propellers, and gimbal cover)
    Autel Robotics V3 7.9" Smart Controller (with controller case)
    Spare Propellers (pair)
    Smart Controller USB-C Charging Cable & Power Brick
    Battery Charger (Wall Cord and Power Converter)
    Spare Battery
    Spare Controller Sticks
    32 GB SD Card
    Smart Controller Hanging Neck Strap
    Evo II Battery Car Charger
    Evo II Battery Multicharger


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