Censys Sentaero 5 VTOL BVLOS

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The Censys Sentaero 5 is a cutting-edge, long-range, fixed-wing VTOL (vertical take-off and landing) UAV, designed for BVLOS (beyond visual line of sight) commercial operations. This drone is a relationship-focused, American-manufactured product from Censys Technologies, known for its standout customer service. The Sentaero V2, an affordable commercial UAV, is capable of multispectral and high-resolution monitoring missions in industries like agriculture, construction, and infrastructure.

We provide a Special Flight Operations Certificate (SFOC) service package in Canada for the Sentaero RPAS, enabling operations beyond visual line-of-sight (BVLOS). Request for Quote for more details.

Key Features:

  • Field-Swappable Universal Payload System: Integrate LiDAR, Micasense Multispectral, or PhaseOne High-resolution mapping cameras. Custom integration available, contact us.
  • BVLOS Approved: With over 45 FAA BVLOS approvals, the Sentaero 5 is a proven leader in extended-range operations.
  • VTOL Capability: Offers the flexibility to take off in tight areas with the ability to stop and hover.
  • Easy Travel: Designed for portability, it easily fits into a car and can be checked on commercial flights.
  • American Manufactured: Proudly produced at Censys Technologies' headquarters in Daytona Beach, FL.
  • Safety Redundancies: Equipped with features like stall prevention, lost link, and low battery return-to-launch (RTL).


  • Flight Time: Up to 1.5 hours.
  • Cruise Speed: 40 mph.
  • Max Range: 55 miles.
  • Max Wind Resistance: 20-25 mph.

Ideal for:

  • The Sentaero 5 is perfect for professionals in agriculture, construction, infrastructure, and other sectors requiring advanced UAV capabilities for extended-range missions.

Additional Information:

  • The Sentaero 5 stands out for its robust design, safety features, and American manufacturing, making it a reliable choice for demanding commercial drone operations.

The Censys Sentaero 5 is a top-tier choice for professionals seeking a reliable, long-range VTOL UAV for BVLOS operations.


  1. Dimensions: 94.1” x 50.7” x 14”
  2. Empty Weight: 19 lbs.
  3. Payload Weight: 4 lbs.
  4. Maximum Weight: 24 lbs.
  5. Manufacturer Approved Payload Options:
    • Sony a6400
    • Sony A7RIV
    • Mica-sense Altum PT
    • Colibri 212 Gimbaled EO/IR
    • Phase One iXM-100mp
    • WorksWell Wiris Pro IR
    • YellowScan Mapper+ LIDAR
  6. Power Source: Lithium Polymer Battery
  7. Airframe: EPO foam (primary), carbon fiber
  8. DAA: Casia I – DAA, ADS B-In
  9. Communication Encryption: AES 128
  10. Radio:
    • Primary: SkyHopper Pro V-2.4 GHz (C2, Video Link)
    • Secondary: FrSky x-Lite 915 MHz (C2)
    • Optional: Elsight Halo Cellular C2 Link
  11. Operation Radius (max): 3 miles & 6 Statue Miles
  12. Max Range: 55 Miles
  13. Cruise Speed: 40 mph
  14. Maximum Climb Rate: 11 fps
  15. Maximum Descent Rate: 20 fps
  16. Maximum Turn Rate: 40 deg/s
  17. Maximum Altitude: 10,000 Ft. MSL density altitude
  18. Maximum Wind: 20 MPH Sustained, 25 MPH Gusting
  19. Operational Temperatures: 30°F to 100°F
  20. Autopilot: Auterion Mission Control
  21. GCS: Laptop, Tablet Capable, Handheld Controller
  22. RemoteID: Compliant
  23. Setup Time: ~7 minutes
  24. Takeoff/Landing Type: VTOL
  25. Maintenance Requirements: 150 Flight Hour Service
  26. Turn Radius (at max wind): 250 ft
  27. Maximum Duration: 80 minutes
  28. Extended Variable Ranges w

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