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Autel Robotics EVO Max 4T - Thermal
Autel Robotics EVO Max 4T - Thermal

Autel Robotics EVO Max 4T - Thermal

$12,513.15 CAD

    The EVO Max series introduces cutting-edge autonomy features. It analyzes intricate surroundings to generate on-the-fly 3D flight routes, ensuring exceptional obstacle avoidance. Utilizing sophisticated sensors, it enables flight in regions without GPS coverage. Moreover, its remarkable thermal and starlight cameras open doors to novel object identification and tracking possibilities. Designed to be foldable and weather-resistant, the series offers both portability and impressive capabilities.

    📷 8K Excellence with 10x Optical Zoom: Elevate your visuals to the extraordinary with 8K resolution coupled with a 10x optical zoom, capturing details beyond your imagination.

    🌡️ Thermal Insights, Amplified: Discover a new dimension with a 640x512 thermal camera boasting 16x digital zoom, revealing unseen details in heat signatures.

    📸 Wide Camera, Stunning Clarity: Unleash the power of a 50MP wide camera with a 1/1.28" CMOS sensor, ensuring every shot is a masterpiece.

    🔍 Zoom Camera Redefined: Elevate your perspective with a 48MP zoom camera featuring 8K 10x optical zoom (expandable up to 160x), bringing every detail closer like never before.

    📏 Precision Meets Vision: Equip yourself with a laser rangefinder for unparalleled distance measurement accuracy.

    📶 Unrivaled Connectivity with Autel SkyLink 3.0: Extend your reach to 12.4 miles, ensuring seamless communication even in the most remote landscapes.

    🛡️ 720° Obstacle Mastery: Navigate your path with confidence, courtesy of 720° obstacle avoidance. Every angle is now your advantage.

    ⏱️ Extend Your Flight Time: Soar for an astonishing 42 minutes, ensuring you capture every moment without compromise.

    🔗 A-Mesh 1.0: Networking Redefined: Experience the future with A-Mesh 1.0, revolutionizing connectivity with mesh networking technology.

    🗺️ Mapping Beyond Limits: Harness 3D map planning, embrace diverse mission types, and ensure data security with advanced capabilities.

    🖥️ Multi-channel Projection Screen: Immerse yourself and your audience in a new visual realm with the multi-channel projection screen feature*.

    🔧 Empower with Autel SDK: Unleash your creativity and potential with the Autel SDK, opening doors to limitless innovation.

    Embark on the Future of Autonomy:

    🌐 Revolutionary Autonomous Path Finding: Autel's state-of-the-art Autonomy Engine harnesses environmental data to chart 3D flight paths through intricate landscapes – from mountains to urban mazes. Unleash the power of rapid 3D scene reconstruction, bolster public safety vigilance, elevate industrial inspections, and transform land surveying.

    🔍 Precision Navigation in GPS-Deprived Landscapes: With advanced sensors as your guide, the EVO Max 4T defies GPS limitations. Navigate within hardened structures, underground labyrinths, or even in zones void of GPS signals. Your exploration knows no bounds.

    🎯 Unparalleled Object Recognition and Tracking: Experience the pinnacle of AI innovation as Autel's breakthrough recognition technology empowers the EVO Max 4T. Automatically identify and lock onto diverse targets: from heat signatures to moving figures, and vehicles. Elevate high-altitude tracking and gather vital data for law enforcement operations.

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