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Autel EVO II RTK V3 Series
Autel EVO II RTK V3 Series
Autel EVO II RTK V3 Series
Autel EVO II RTK V3 Series

Autel EVO II RTK V3 Series

$5,088.31 CAD

    Precision Redefined: Centimeter-Level Positioning

    The EVO RTK series is available with a dual thermal & 50MP camera or 6K 1" CMOS camera.

    📍 Real-Time Precision: Elevate your precision to new heights with the groundbreaking EVO II RTK Series V3. Our all-new RTK module delivers real-time centimeter-level positioning data, ensuring your location accuracy is unparalleled.

    🛰️ Harness the Power of PPK: Embrace Post-Processing Kinematic (PPK) technology that empowers your aircraft to record original satellite observation data and camera exposure parameters. Your data becomes a treasure trove of accuracy.

    📡 Networked Precision: Seamlessly connect with an RTK base station and NTRIP RTK network. This synergy ensures unwavering accuracy and stability even in the most intricate operational environments.

    📐 Accurate, Always: From complex scenarios to challenging terrains, the EVO II RTK Series V3 is your steadfast companion, delivering accurate and reliable data acquisition.

    📸 Masterful Detail Unveiled: Discover a world of rich detail through the EVO II Pro RTK V3. With impressive dynamic range and remarkable low-light performance, seize the opportunity to capture pristine detail sets, free from distortion and noise.

    🌟 Ultra-Sensitivity, Unleashed: Powered by the NEW 1-inch 6K CMOS image sensor with a whopping 20 megapixels, the EVO II Pro RTK V3 lets you explore realms of visual brilliance. The ultra-sensitive algorithm ensures your captures remain vivid, detailed, and noise-free, even as the light dims.

    🔍 Adaptable Lens Magic: Navigate lighting transitions with grace through the adjustable aperture range of f/2.8 to f/11. Empower your creative vision by controlling shutter speed, capturing scenes with perfection.

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