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Autel Robotics Strobe for Enterprise Series

$106.65 CAD
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Autel Strobe Accessories: Elevate Nighttime Safety and Flight Confidence

πŸ”¦ Safety Beyond Sunset Illuminate the night and soar with unparalleled confidence. The Autel Strobe Accessories are purpose-built for the Autel Enterprise series drones, providing a powerful solution to enhance safety during nighttime flights.

🚁 Versatile Replacement Options Experience versatility like never before. These accessories can seamlessly replace spotlights and loudspeakers on your Autel Enterprise series drones. Elevate your drone's functionality with options that cater to your unique operational needs.

🌌 Visibility Beyond Boundaries Expand your drone's visibility horizon with the Autel Strobe Accessories. With an impressive coverage of up to 5000 meters, these strobe lights become your vigilant guardian, ensuring you're always aware of your drone's position in the night sky.

🌟 Prevent Collisions, Promote Confidence Safety is paramount, and prevention is key. The Autel Strobe Accessories serve as a beacon of caution, reminding others of your drone's presence and preventing potential collisions. Navigate the night with confidence and peace of mind.

πŸ“ Sleek Design, Enhanced Safety Designed with precision, the Autel Strobe boasts dimensions of 39*72*34 mm and weighs a mere 19.5 grams. Its floating connectors ensure seamless integration while its low power consumption of Avg. 1.6W ensures extended flight time without compromise.

πŸ’‘ Luminance that Matters Embrace powerful luminance with a light intensity range from Min 50cd to Max 486cd, and an impressive Avg. of 290cd. Whether it's a gentle reminder or a powerful signal, the Autel Strobe delivers visibility that matters.

βš™οΈ Precision Redefined with Autel Embrace the Autel Strobe Accessories:

  • Comprehensive coverage up to 5000 meters
  • Seamlessly replaceable with spotlights and loudspeakers
  • Purpose-built for Autel Enterprise series drones

πŸŒ† Navigate the Night with Autel The package includes:

  • 1 Autel Strobe Accessory

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