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  • Autel EVO Max 4T Propeller (a pair)
Autel EVO Max 4T Propeller (a pair)

Autel EVO Max 4T Propeller (a pair)

$27.00 CAD

    Spare EVO Max 4T Propellers

    🔄 Seamless Performance, Effortless Style Discover the perfect companions for your EVO Max 4T aircraft – the Autel EVO Max 4T Propellers. Meticulously designed to match the power and elegance of your drone, these propellers are the ultimate choice for those who demand nothing but the best.

    🔒 Secure Quick-Release Mechanism Your safety is paramount. That's why our propellers feature a state-of-the-art quick-release mechanism, ensuring easy installation and removal without compromising on stability. Swiftly switch between flight and storage with confidence.

    🌬️ Foldable Design for Your Convenience Experience the ultimate blend of safety and portability. Our foldable propellers ensure that you can carry your EVO Max 4T with ease, without sacrificing the sleek aesthetics that define your aircraft.

    🕒 Clockwise and Counter-Clockwise Precision Engineered to perfection, our propellers are available in pairs, with one clockwise and one counter-clockwise propeller. This meticulously balanced configuration guarantees optimal performance, stability, and maneuverability in every flight.

    🔝 Quality and Authenticity The Autel EVO Max 4T Propellers are more than just accessories – they are an extension of your aircraft's capabilities. Crafted to meet the highest standards of quality and authenticity, these propellers ensure that your flights are smooth, powerful, and breathtakingly precise.

    ⚙️ Designed for Excellence Precision matters. Every curve, every angle, every detail of our propellers is designed to elevate your flight experience. When you choose Autel, you choose excellence.



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