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Blucam S1200 - Drone detection system
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Blucam S1200 - Drone detection system

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Blucam is a cutting-edge, all-in-one solution that harnesses the power of advanced AI-based and machine learning capabilities to accurately detect and alert users to the presence of drones. Its unique Rapid Target Inspection (RTI) technology not only detects drones but also identifies and geolocates them using a single device. This ensures a comprehensive security solution against potential drone threats.

Key Features:

  1. Technology: Employs Rapid Target Inspection (RTI) for precise drone detection.
  2. Detection Method: Uses a visual sensor for detection.
  3. Detection Distance: Capable of detecting small UAVs (e.g., DJI Mavic) up to 600m and medium-sized UAVs (e.g., DJI M300) up to 1500m.
  4. Angular Range: Offers horizontal coverage of 360° and vertical coverage of either 35° (2 tiers) or 50° (3 tiers). Features a 28-second scanning cycle for 2 tiers.
  5. Focal Length: Ranges from 6mm to 128mm.
  6. Dimensions: Measures 13mm x 416mm (height x maximum diameter).
  7. Weight: Weighs 25kg, including the stand.
  8. Robust Build: Comes with an IP65 ingress protection rating.
  9. Operating Conditions: Functions efficiently between -30°C to +65°C with an operating humidity of less than 90%.
  10. Power & Connectivity: Uses AC 110V or 220V power supply (battery adaptable) and connects via LAN to existing IT infrastructure.
  11. Software & Integration: Compatible with Bluvec JUICE for configuration, operation, and alarms. Offers both local and cloud options for software updates and data storage. Integrates seamlessly using GraphQL and RESTful API interfaces.

Blucam stands out as a reliable and comprehensive solution for drone detection, ensuring enhanced security in various environments.



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